Hi. For personal reasons I am now showing just my favorite posts. They are below and linked on the right.

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26 09 2012
Lorraine Kuchenski

Good Luck in all you do. GOD be with in all that you do L.K

26 09 2012

Thanks Lorraine! I hope you are well.

1 10 2012
Jason Carpenter

I love the idea of Soul Care. That should have been the organization’s name. Big Ben – I just stumbled across this today off your FB post. Remarkable to see the progress to date. Its a ministry that I’m sure is also cathartic. But what a strategic idea, that (perhaps unfortunately) is bound to flourish. Hats off to you. God will make this a thing of great blessing to many.

I also took my own leap of faith this August starting a missionary school. That’s a whole ‘nother story. And one that I thought I would blog about but got too swamped to bother. Anyhow, wonderful to see this today. Made my morning. Please keep us posted

1 10 2012

Jason! Great to hear from you. Soul Care really has some magnetism, doesn’t it? A friend and I were discussing it a few days ago. We are not all that official yet, so Soul Care may be the name in the end.

Good for you on Acacia. Good for you. I went to your site at http://www.acacia.co.ug/. It took a while to load, but very cool.

3 10 2012
billy hetrich

you are a giant JESUS FREEEEEEEK

3 10 2012

LOL! Billy, I feel ALL the love. 🙂 Miss you guys.

14 10 2012
Lorraine Kuchenski

What is that on your head It looks great on you. It seems you are enjoyimg your life. It is great what you are doing. Enjoy your life and my GOD BLESS YOU in all you do.

14 10 2012

My head gear was a hat braided from a palm tree. A local, rather notorious guy made it and gave it to me. Thanks Lorraine. Blessings to you, too.

29 11 2012
Ron Mallett

I love Soul Care. For pr and other purposes, it’s perfect. A legal name could be Soul Care – Caribbean, with an implication of broader goals. Ron

29 11 2012
Ben Yarbro

Thanks Ron. I hear a lot of approval for the Soul Care name. Thank you.

4 12 2012

I like “Soul Care” too!

19 12 2012
Sherri Wist

Hello Ben – this is Sherri. Shain and I met you in Belize at the Mayan Mountain Resort. I hope things are well with you.

19 12 2012

Hey Ben, your canuck buddy sending a quick hello and hope all is well in your adventures through Belize

4 04 2013
Travel Love Laugh

I should definitely visit you!

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